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Why a solid, appropriately skilled team is the key to sustainable business growth.

It is fantastic to see employment on the rise this quarter amid continued economic challenges. Recruitment, as avid readers of these reports will know, has been one of the biggest obstacles facing firms in our region over the last couple of years.

Various factors including Brexit, Covid-19, unequal opportunities and skills gaps have plagued Yorkshire firms, but it is incredibly pleasing to see that businesses are bucking this trend and once again looking grow their team.

A solid, appropriately skilled team is the key to sustainable business growth.

Skills are high on our agenda as a Chamber, and so we are working with our QES partners, the West & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce, to deliver the Local Skills Improvement Plans (LSIPs) for our region.

If you can spare five minutes, please take the LSIPs survey.

I urge those who haven’t already done so to share their thoughts, struggles and insights on skills to help us develop these plans further. With your contributions, we hope to ensure that the employment and training results in these reports continue to grow, putting West Yorkshire on the map as the place to be for innovation, development and growth.

Thank you to all who contributed to the Q1 research, your time and insight is incredibly appreciated.

If you would like to discuss the findings of this report or any of our other initiatives, please get in touch.

Martin Hathaway
Managing Director, Mid Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce

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