Bnode is Business of the Month!

Jun 13, 2023

Eaton Smith Solicitors is delighted to announce that Bnode Ltd has been chosen by the judging panel as the latest winner of its Business of the Month Award.

Bnode Ltd is the Ethical and Environmental Digital Marketing agency that is championing good accessibility to be the norm for a company’s digital assets such as websites and focusing on digital growth that is also cost effective.

Bnode has rapidly gone from concept to creation and not only has secured several clients both locally and further away such as Beyond Reflections (A charity supporting transgender, non-binary and questioning people, their families and close friends in England & Wales) but also invested in R&D to create their accessibility tool that sits on all of their websites that they create, which allows users to tailor their online web experience to their personal requirements, aiding those that suffer with visual stress, dyslexia, Autism, ADHD, and also supporting blind users with their online experience.

Chris Naylor, founder of Bnode Ltd, had this to say: “It is an absolute honor to win this award and to be 1 of the 12 finalists for the 2023 business of the year award. Receiving this recognition for focusing on placing strong ethical values at the forefront of a digital marketing agency to not only be doing the right thing in supporting online users with disabilities and reducing digital carbon footprints, but to also make great business growth sense, is truly motivating.

I really want to make a difference through Bnode in how the world perceives digital accessibility and that inclusivity should be paramount in today’s online world. Combining the corporate social responsibility of inclusivity along with the spreading of awareness in providing reduced carbon emissions through digital asset creations such as websites and apps.

The digital age has left so many people behind, that now is the time to do something to make it right.”

Ben Jackson, Partner at Eaton Smith Solicitors, and member of the judging panel commented; “Bnode Ltd really stood out from the crowd due to the incredible originality of the business model and the services they provide. Chris has done a brilliant job in creating a tool that allows other businesses to improve their digital accessibility for all users. We were really excited to present Bnode the award, and we look forward to seeing what Chris has in store for the future!”.

Ben Jackson chaired the judging panel and was joined by Philippa Coultish (Coultish Associates) and Alisdair Straughan (Paladin Marketing), Martin Hathaway (Mid Yorkshire Chamber) and Annie Bradley (Department of International Trade).

You can apply for the business of the month award here –

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