TDP Development Launches Ground-breaking Trauma Informed Leaders Programme

Feb 15, 2023

West Yorkshire-based company TDP Development has taken a bold step in creating a new programme to develop and empower leaders across Yorkshire and beyond. The Trauma Informed Leaders Programme is the first of its kind and offers a comprehensive solution for organisations looking to improve their leadership capabilities and drive positive workplace environments.

According to TDP Development, Trauma is an issue that affects millions of people globally, leading to long-lasting impacts on physical and mental health, wellbeing and productivity. The Trauma Informed Leaders Programme is designed to educate leaders on how to understand and respond to trauma, and provide them with the skills to create safe, supportive, and inclusive working environments.

“We believe that leaders have a crucial role to play in addressing the impact of trauma and building resilience,” said Ross Toomer, CEO of TDP Development.

“Trauma can affect us all and it’s crucial for every leader to understand and be able respond to those who have experienced it.  We understand the importance of developing leaders who can create positive and supportive work environments.  That’s why we created the Trauma-Informed Leaders Challenge, our aim is to provide leaders with the skills, understanding, and confidence needed to lead effectively and create a supportive, compassionate work environment’’.

The programme consists of interactive face-to-face in person events, online modules and ongoing support and mentorship. It is suitable for leaders from all industries and sectors, and covers key topics such as trauma awareness, effective communication and building resilient teams.

TDP Development is committed to empowering 100,000 leaders through the Trauma Informed Leaders Programme over the next five years. The company believes that by investing in leadership development, organisations will not only improve their bottom line but also create better workplace environments.

TDP Development has been empowering people to drive positive change for over 20 years. With a specialism in supporting organisations with their transformation journey through innovation, technology and learning.  With a proven track record of delivering over 500 successful projects across both public and private sectors, TDP Development are experts in enhancing positive workplace cultures.

For more information on the Trauma Informed Leaders Programme, please visit or

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