Simul Digital – Taking That Next Step As A Digital Marketing Agency

Aug 22, 2022

The digital sphere is endlessly changing for those involved. It can be rigorous trying to keep up, but understanding the need for change is important.

Change brings different connotations forward for many people, both positive and negative.

The word “simul” means for multiple things to exist at the same time. That is why this agency operates by embracing change, letting the new take over the old whilst still treasuring the old!

“Change is the law of life and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” —John F. Kennedy

So what’s changed?

  • Location

Simul has relocated!

Moving to the bustling centre of Wakefield has allowed them to really develop their business and the individuals that are brought into the business (both internally and externally).

Since moving to Wakefield the Simul space has been given a makeover. Their office looks fresh off the shelf, with updated interiors for employees and clients.

Whilst upgrading the physical spaces, Simul’s online presence has been boosted immensely also!

Their site has a completely new look to it, offering more user experience and allows us to set the benchmark in terms of presentation of us as an agency and communication with our (potential) clients!

Wakefield is rich in culture, as many of you will be aware. For any business, this gives them plenty of room to

Getting the location for our agency right allows our employees a great work life balance, whilst allowing them to be in familiar territory!

Wakefield as an area is close to Simul. They are proud members of the Wakefield Chamber of Commerce, a place for businesses to excel within this area of Yorkshire.

Despite being an advocate for working from home Simul feels having an office space is essential still for businesses. Employees can come together and work alongside one another in a safe, familiar environment.

The hustle and bustle of the city also throws employees right into the action in terms of eatery and leisure

  • Workforce

Employees are one of the vital organs for a business, that is why we have given ourselves a strong backbone for our future endeavours.

As a fresh, young agency scouting some of the best talent the West Yorkshire area has to offer gives them a chance to prosper going forward.

As like many businesses in the digital world Simul have also acquired an apprentice, via Baltic Apprenticeships. They specialise in tech apprenticeships for young people in the North of England.

Their new talent Tom has made a great impact so far at Simul, coming forward with some great ideas for both us and our clients.

Be sure to check out their video produced in collaboration with the University College Leeds, in Leeds City Centre here (tag vimeo vid).

Hopefully you embrace change as much as Simul. Adapting to change is crucial and shouldn’t be ignored.

If you and your business are requiring digital change be sure to check our services page. We could be the missing piece you and your business need!

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