BCC and IBCC welcome new UK-ISRAEL trade negotiations

Jul 20, 2022

Commenting on the launch of the negotiations, William Bain, the BCC’s Head of Trade Policy, said:   


“Business supports these efforts to develop an improved trade agreement with Israel to boost the supply of services between our countries. 

“There are also opportunities to cut the costs of exports and imports through strong digital trade rules and more efficient customs regulations.  

“An upgraded agreement could create future-proofed trading terms for years to come, raise investment, and increase the value of our export sales, which are currently worth £5bn a year.” 


Anita Leviant, President of Israel Britain Chamber of Commerce (IBCC), said:   

“The IBCC business community, in Israel and in the UK, very much welcome the significant steps taken by both governments with the upcoming negotiations.  

“The UK is Israel’s largest trade partner in Europe, and both countries already have strong relations, tech, science and innovation cooperation as well as longstanding fruitful bi-lateral trade and investments.  

“The IBCC team has been working during the last months, to gather feedback and comments from British and Israeli businesses in order to channel those to the governmental teams on both sides. They have been very keen to listen, remove barriers, update and upgrade the scope, volume and the quality of mutual business and cooperation between our countries into the future.  

“It is a unique opportunity where businesses are involved and being heard at such a level, and we wish the teams on both sides a great mutual success.” 

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